Keely ~ TV & Multi-Media Personality, Meteorologist, Certified  
          Personal Trainer, Athlete, Journalist

     I'm a bit of a spitfire, I have fun, I work hard!

Do you need an Emcee or Host for your event or project? What about Freelance
Reporter or Meteorologist aka Weather Gal? A creative mind or funny sense of
humor for your project? Do you need a high energy team player? Someone to
compete against in a push up contest? WELL I'M YOUR GAL!

Please feel free to drop me a note if you'd like to know what I can bring
specifically to your team, or discuss a collaboration.

Keely Facts:
I'm a lively, aggressive and fun personality. I'm also a personal trainer and love
encouraging people develop healthier lifestyles. I like meeting new people. I love
being challenged! I did weather for some Northwest radio stations and was given
the name Queen Keely by the DJs. I have 1.1 hours toward my pilot's license
too...Hey, at least it's a start!!
Quick List of Recent Freelance & Busy Work:

Emcee upcoming Beginning of Hope Charity Fashion Show, San Diego, CA
Conducting interviews for Fashion Show Documentary, San Diego, CA
BodTV Host, new show "Pro Shop" to air OnDemand, Los Angeles, CA
For fun, competed in the Ms. America Pageant, Anaheim, CA
Freelance Meteorologist, FOX40 Morning Show, Sacramento, CA


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Keely Lindquist
Humble Beginnings: First on-air job
"I love the recklessness
of faith. First you leap,
and then you grow wings."
William S. Coffin